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For your daily *gloss*, parlor is a dedicated space for unbiased
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We share countless reviews from our editor, beauty team and community
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We offer opportunities to try products in exchange for honest
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Meet The Editor + Founder

Meet Emma, founder + editor of parlor: a brand new beauty community which puts the beauty world in your hands. Emma spent over 14 years within the beauty industry – both brand + journalism – and understands the need for more community and authenticity.  

parlor is your beauty best friend, giving you nothing but honest + unbiased reviews (and discounts, competitions, the latest in beauty, etc…) Share your loves, hates, and everything in-between, along with opportunities to receive beauty gifting in return for your opinions.

We’re a growing community, in our new online era where our community can have access to new products, cult favourites, and everyday staples – and discover everyone else’s, too. 


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